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...all people have the right to basic health care and education

Sustainability and growth of current achievements

So much work has already been achieved yet there is still so much more to do!

Understanding how education is linked to better health is still tough for the people of Meghauli to understand. But as those school children who have benefited from Clinic Nepal’s education and kindergarten projects are beginning to grow up, a new generation is beginning to see the bigger, holistic  picture. 

Clinic Nepal has two main visions for the future – a general education college and a fully equipped hospital in Meghauli.

For now, the primary goal is sustaining and developing what has already been achieved through the continued viability of Clinic Nepal and its many community health projects.

As time goes on it is hoped there will be less dependence on foreign expertise, as Nepalis gain knowledge, expertise and confidence in the areas of education and medicine. Meantime Clinic Nepal still very much needs the help of medical and professional volunteers, sponsors and supporters from around the world.

How you Can Help

Volunteer – if you are a doctor, medical or teaching professional then you can volunteer your time.

Sponsor – if you are able to contribute towards the overall running of Clinic Nepal or to one of the projects this is much appreciated.

Friends and Observers – if you can spread the word and/ or fundraise in your country this would be much appreciated.  Every little helps.

Please contact us to discuss or go to the “Donate” section to make a donation.

All Donations Are Appreciated!

It's time to take action! Help provide treatment, care and support services to children and their families in need! Your generous donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!