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Thumka Housing Project│Post Nepal Earthquake 2015

Report from Clinic Nepal, Inc.

Following the devastating earthquakes of 2015, Clinic Nepal led this project to rebuild the village of Thumka, Gorkha District. The construction of 31 houses and 1 community building was completed in 18 months. In May, 2 years after the earthquakes, the villagers gathered to celebrate

Clinic Nepal Patients Treated

A total of 5504 patients were treated at the Friendship Clinic during this one year period with further additional laboratory tests carried out.
This figure is similar to previous years’ numbers- 2010/2011: 6795 and 2011/2012: 6201 (including lab tests), however it has and is, continuing to decrease. This slow reduction

Clinic Nepal Free Health Camps

Clinic Nepal’s principal aim of improving the health of some of the most deprived populations in Madi, Chitwan is best illustrated by its remote health camps. These are achieved through volunteers and staff from Clinic Nepal mobilising a large volume of medicines to some of the most remote areas of

Financial Assistance for Treatments

Throughout the history of the clinic we have helped many people to access healthcare treatment which they would otherwise not have been able to afford. This has included surgery for heart disease, hernias and prolapse of the uterus (among many others) and this year was no exception. Patients were diagnosed

COVID-19 spirals out of control in Nepal: ‘Every emergency room is full now’

Surging caseloads, spiking mortality rates, and supply shortages threaten one of India’s neighboring nations.

Just before midnight on Sunday, Anup Bastola—chief consultant for Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population, lead doctor at Sukraraj Hospital in Kathmandu, and the man who identified Nepal’s first-ever COVID-19 patient a year ago—felt,

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