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All people have the right to basic health care and education.

We care about sustainable development: safe drinking water, education for children and young adults and accessible health.

Managed and run by Nepalese

Clinic Nepal supports over 50,000 people in Megauli, Chitwan District, Nepal through different projects.


Clinic Nepal is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Hari Bhandary who possessed a vision for the Meghauli and Daldale communities to have access to education, healthcare, and clean water and sanitary facilities.


I was born in the Madi area south of Kathmandu on March 8, 1970, and grew up in the remote village of Meghauli, Nepal, where about 99% of the Nepali population lives by subsistence farming. Chairman and Founder Clinic Nepal


Clinic Nepal consists of a Friendship Clinic, Friendship Scout Troop, Wolfgang and Prabhat Kindergartens in the Meghauli area and Asha Kokiran Children’s Hostel and Kindergarten in Daldale.

Clinic Nepal

Clinic Nepal is a non-profit organization that provides vital healthcare services to the Meghauli and Daldale communities in Nepal. The organization was founded in 1997 by Hari Bhandary, with a vision to improve access to education, healthcare, clean water and sanitary facilities in the region.

The organization’s core services include a Friendship Clinic, which offers general medical care and a range of specialized services such as pediatrics, gynecology, and infectious disease control. Additionally, Clinic Nepal operates the Friendship Scout Troop, which encourages young people to take an active role in their community through leadership and volunteer opportunities. The Wolfgang and Prabhat Kindergartens in the Meghauli area provide early childhood education, while the Asha Kokiran Children’s Hostel and Kindergarten in Daldale provide a safe and nurturing environment for children who otherwise would not have access to education.

One of the key aspects of Clinic Nepal’s mission is to empower the community to be self-reliant, they also help in sponsorship of over 150 students in both academic and vocational capacities, by providing them with education and training opportunities. The organization has also made a significant impact in the region through the installation of clean water pumps and sanitary latrines, and by conducting recurring health camps.

Clinic Nepal relies on the support of sponsors, volunteers, interns, and other friends from all around the world to continue its important work. The organization is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the communities it serves, and is committed to providing accessible and high-quality healthcare to everyone in need.

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