About Clinic Nepal

About Clinic Nepal

Clinic Nepal is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Hari Bhandary who possessed a vision for the Meghauli and Daldale communities to have access to education, healthcare, and clean water and sanitary facilities.

To date, Clinic Nepal consists of a Friendship Clinic, Friendship Scout Troop, and Wolfgang and Prabhat Kindergartens in the Meghauli area, and Asha Kokiran Children's Hostel and Kindergarten in Daldale.

Clinic Nepal has also facilitated the sponsorship of over 150 students in both academic and vocational capacities, the installation of clean water pumps and sanitary latrines, and recurring health camps. Clinic Nepal has several sponsors, volunteers, interns, and other friends from all around the world to thank for its success.
Hari Bhandary
Chairman and Founder
Clinic Nepal
PO Box 13896
Kathmandu, Nepal
Email : haribhandary@hotmail.com
URL : www.clinicnepal.com
Managed and run by Nepalese for the benefit of Nepalese people. 
We know that the future of our country depends on good health and education of our children.
Thus, our projects are focused on achieving these goals while also contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the country.
We believe that healthcare and education are human rights that everyone has the right to access.
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