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Clinic Nepal’s principal aim of improving the health of some of the most deprived populations in Madi, Chitwan is best illustrated by its remote health camps. These are achieved through volunteers and staff from Clinic Nepal mobilising a large volume of medicines to some of the most remote areas of Chitwan where the accessibility is extremely challenging. The camps provide both medical examinations and treatments to people who are otherwise isolated from medical services and would be unable to additionally be unable to afford any care which could be provided. This service is provided at no charge to everybody, irrespective of age, gender or cultural background.

Following the identification of the prevalence of dental problems during the camps last year, one significant change to the programme this year was the initiation of specialist dental health camps. This service also included health promotion with specific regard to oral hygiene and treatments by a dental hygienist. Similarly, throughout last year’s camps there was a high incidence of cardiac problems and treatment was provided where applicable. Compared to previous years, we have seen positive change in the quality of life of people in Madi.

Patients who attended the Health Camps were found to have a vast range of health problems. Many had  gastrointestinal  infections,  respiratory  conditions,  ENT  (ear,  nose  and  throat) problems, dermatological conditions, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders and gynaecological issues.  We  provided and  co-ordinated the  healthcare management for  these ailments absolutely free of charge and beyond any contribution they could afford.