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Financial Assistance for Treatments

Throughout the history of the clinic we have helped many people to access healthcare treatment which they would otherwise not have been able to afford. This has included surgery for heart disease, hernias and prolapse of the uterus (among many others) and this year was no exception. Patients were diagnosed with uterine prolapse at the medical camp and were subsequently transferred directly to a hospital in Bharatpur for immediate treatment.
These operations are funded by the government; however, the co-ordination of the care is managed by the clinic staff and most importantly, the clinic utilises its valuable connections to refer directly to specialist doctors with whom the clinic is associated. The transport to and from the hospital is also provided by the clinic ambulance and these services are offered free of charge.
Without this service being available many individuals would not have the capacity to make these arrangements and treatment would be delayed and therefore create a significant impact on their health.

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